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Inspirational Health Figures  - Real People - Real Results

1)  Focus:     Suzanne Somers  (Extreme role model ... True Winner)

Give a listen, she is inspiring to many and continues in her quest for health with a "never give up" attitude.  Admirable.

Suzanne Somers' Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction Surgery ...


The video is very personal and helps women to "not give up" in similar situations.

Suzanne allowed the video to show it marked a break-through, and there are alternatives, and reconstruction methods to make women feel as a "whole person again".  Many would give up, but not Suzanne.  If your stomach is weak, than do not view the above link.  This is a real case.


 Suzanne has many products available to assist anyone in the health and beauty field. Take a look!  - Though busy, She updates information daily. 


 and her Books give good reading sharing her experience and insights on health.

 Visit the STORE


2)  Stop Dieting

Stop Dieting Start Eating Start Living - inspiration from a weight problem past, and pregnancy issues... this works!  (plain common sense approach).

  Stop Dieting, ... Start Eating, ...

  Start Living

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Drop Dead Healthy

Drop Dead Healthy
By A. J. Jacobs


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4)  Do You Have "Leaky Gut syndrome"? 
You might be Surprised to know most all of us have one or more of the symptoms.
Listen to Karen Brimeyer - it might save your life
Do Natural and PERMANENT CURES sound good to you?  It's worth your time (few minutes) to check this out.
Why Your Gut Health is the Most Important Factor of Your Overall Health and Wellbeing
80% of your immune system
protecting you against toxins
chemical substance needed to fight depression
proper digestion and absorption of nutrients
Why you don't need to spend $100's and $1000's of dollars on doctors and supplements to get fast and permanent relief        check this out
5)  Great Muscle and Fat Loss testimonials. 
      See videos, and view photosReal People! Real Results!
      (see photos-real people)
         (7 day Belly Blast!) 
7)  Fibromyalgia - Cured Forever     
      (Anyone diagnosed will love this!!)

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